Custom Car Revival Coloring Book #1

Custom Car Revival Coloring Book #1

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    These coloring books are 8X10, 29 to 30 page books. All Traditional Custom Cars for your coloring enjoyment. Great Adult Coloring Books for The Custom Car Enthusiast. For ages 5 to 85.

     There are 4 different books!

     I left the shading in each image for more realistic looks when finished coloring each image. Not Meant For Markers, Use Colored Pencils and Crayons.

How I came up with the idea to make this book...

    I wanted to make something that would help children and adults to enjoy custom cars together. I thought this would work. Young an Old alike, Love to color. What better way to bring the two together? An Adult Coloring Book of Custom Cars. And, the younger generations will learn about custom cars, Through coloring them in and talking about them with the Older Generation...