Both, "All Customs" & "Master Series"
Both, "All Customs" & "Master Series"

Both, "All Customs" & "Master Series"

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A Photo Book and a Trade Book!                Both Books, "All Customs", and "The Master Series" Adult Coloring Book 130 pages of ALL Traditional Customs!                                                                                                   

What a Great Gift for anyone that loves Custom Cars!

       If you are like me, and absolutely love Traditional Custom Cars, then you should Not be without these 2 books! Period!                       

    If Within 30 days, if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, send the book back to me and I will Refund Your Total. Buyer is responsible for shipping.  

       This book, I took three years of images and made a 132 page, all color, 10X8 landscape format book, images are from The Custom Car Revival Car Show in Indianapolis, IN.  200 All Traditional Custom Cars, at one show. Three years of images and six months creating this fantastic book!   And a heart attack, which I survived so I could finish this project!  Thank You, karshotz...                                                                                                                                If your purchase is for a gift, you can have it sent to another address! 

 Why did I make this book?  

     I have been shooting cars along time. Have not seen many books of all Traditional Custom Cars. I figured I should just make one! Then, Adult Coloring Books was my next issue! Where can you get an Adult Coloring Book of Traditional Customs? So I started making those! I got the attention of a paper company that used my book, to promote their newest paper for adult coloring books! It is now all over the world as a sample, showing off their lay flat paper specifically made for adult coloring books.      

 Here are Reviews from Clients!  

      Review #1: Just recieved my "All Customs" by karshotz, book and Master Series coloring book, plus a special extra from karshotz himself, Alan R. Ward! Thank You very much for all of these! Having gotten a chance to read these they are a terrific addition to any auto enthusiast's library. Filled with colorful kustoms that show the age of Kustoms is still alive! Check out Karshotz FB page for ordering. You will love it!     Chris...

      Review #2: That is an absolutely AWESOME deal ! I think both of those books are amazing, I share mine with everyone who visits me !     Nance...

 The Master Series Adult Coloring Book!           

  This is an Adult Coloring Book 8X10 made up of 130 pages of Traditional Custom Cars. Images all shot at Custom Car Revival in Indianapolis, IN. At the car show of 200 Traditional Customs Present. 

    I left the shading in the image so when it is complete, it resembles an artist drawn image. Great to frame and hang on the wall. Not meant for Markers, use Colored Pencils and Crayons

  If you Love Customs, You will Love this coloring book! Ages 5 to 85...

How I came up with the idea to make this book...

    I wanted to make something that would help children and adults to enjoy custom cars together. I thought this would work. Young an Old alike, Love to color. What better way to bring the two together? An Adult Coloring Book of Custom Cars. And, the younger generations will learn about custom cars, Through coloring them in and talking about them with the Older Generation...