24X16 Canvas Print "The Caddy Fin" B

24X16 Canvas Print "The Caddy Fin" B

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   This is a 24X16 Canvas Print of "The Caddy Fin". This image was shot at the Indianapolis Drag Strip at the Good Guys Car Show.  This will look Great on any wall in your home, den or Man Cave!                        

  All Canvas Prints of Traditional Custom Cars. With Full Wooden Frame and Covered Back with Hangers.                                          

Don’t hang a saggy canvas of Your Car over Your Fireplace! Get the Really Really Tight, bounce a quarter off it, Tight CANVAS! Makes Your Car Look Impressive! So Impress Your Visitors!  Order Yours Today!    These Canvas Prints are ready to hang in your Man Cave, Garage or Den Right Out Of The Box. All Prints are of images shot at the Custom Car Revival in Indianapolis, IN. Digital Images created into murals by: karshotz photography.

    If you Love Custom Cars, You will Love these murals on your walls. One or more or build a wall full. These Images Look Great!   Free Shipping on This Item!